Step up Sunshine

Step up Sunshine set (cutters and Debossers)


3 x Custom debossers designs 

3 x custom cutters 

total design 150 mm length 

Absolutely cookie takes another Step Up …
Take a look at the next release for our Trademarked Connector cookies … this time we are raising not one level but 2. This design can be used for all occasions including Mother’s Day coming up soon

Handy hint from the Reel …
The glue mix used is an old cake decorators trick sometimes called cake putty, way stronger and dries harder than edible glue. Take a small ball of fondant mix with a little water using a spatula or blunt knife until tacky then use sparingly like adhesive

Hand drawn original Step up Sunshine Connector Cookies debosser Set from Absolutely Cookie  Plus Custom cutters. Add as many layers as you like to build up this magnificent vase. Or add single flowers around the completed Vase cookie to show off your feature cookie ❤️❤️

wash with warm soapy water and a soft brush like a new toothbrush.

You might notice little lines on the outside edge of the debosser, or fogging around some of the lines these aren’t cracks they are from the laser hitting the metal honeycomb causing a line, which does not effect the quality of the debosser, as it is on the outside edge. 

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