Absolutely Cookie How to Paint the Pumpkins
  • Absolutely Cookie How to Paint the Pumpkins
  • Absolutely Cookie How to Paint the Pumpkins
  • Absolutely Cookie How to Paint the Pumpkins
  • Absolutely Cookie How to Paint the Peculiar Pumpkins

How to Paint the Peculiar Pumpkins



Painting Pumpkins - FREE Triple Loading TUTORIAL 
What you need:
1 x Absolutely Cookie Peculiar Pumpkin Stamp
1 x Absolutely Cookie Custom Pumpkin Cutter
Prepare your cookies as per your usual method allow approx 24 hours to dry 
(drying time can vary depending on your humidity levels)
3 x Edibleart Decorative Cake Paint Colours
Cardines Cake decorators Rose Spirit
1 x Flat Brush size 4
1 x Fine Brush size 0
1 x Fractal Food Colouring Brush Pen
1 x Tooth Brush
1 x Paint Tray 
Paper Towel for blotting
Place a small amount of each of your 3 selected colours into the paint ensuring they cannot mix with the other colours
Pour a small amount of Rose Spirit into the opposing 3 sections (this makes is easy to load with Rose Spirit and then load a single colour
Load your flat brush with Rose Spirit
Tip your brush to one side and slide across one colour (Double Loading) tip your brush to the other side and load with another colour (Triple Loading)
You will need to work quickly as Rose Spirit is 99% Alcohol and dries extremely fast
Keeping the darkest colour to the outer side of each section being painted, run the flat brush gently and smoothly down from top to bottom.  Do not press too hard or you will mark your fondant
Continue to blend by dipping into the Rose Spirit and blending your colours
Use your paper towel to wipe or take excess colour and Rose Spirit from your brush if too wet or too much colour.  
With this method you do not need to clean your brush between each colour change
NOTE: if you don't achieve your desired effects you can continue to add or remove colour with the same method. 
Using your Toothbrush, dip top edge into one pure colour (NO Rose Spirit) 
Place your cookie onto some paper towel and flick with your finger to spray detail onto design (the paper towel is only to save cleaning up)
Take your Fractal Pen and highlight the debossed sections.  Most detail will be achieved by holding your Fractual Pen sideways to the cookie and more upright for the finer details 
We hope you enjoy this little FREE art tutorial and find it informative in helping you take your cookie creations to the next level

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